The Millennium Irritant

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Cirrus, contrails, altocumulus and cumulus at sunrise over a snowy Lisburn 09/12/2010


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I operate a small (non-accredited) weather station in my garden at: 54 degrees 31’ 55” N and 006 degrees 02’ 21” W.  I’ve kept records since March 1993 .  In March 2009 I installed a station which can provide approximately 288 sets of downloadable data per day.  None of the data I publish should be used by administrators or policy makers to aid decision making.  My garden is surrounded by high albedo buildings and walls which have been added to over the observation period.   These tend to inhibit convection, resulting in temperatures being higher than nearby on warm summer days, and to act as a cold air sump in frosty weather with resultant lower than nearby temperatures.   Rainfall and wind velocity data may also be  distorted.  However, it’s the garden I’m lumbered with and, from what I’ve seen of stations used to provide “official” global temperature data, it provides a reasonable idea of conditions at this one site.

Weather & Climate

Data from my own weather station with blogs and comment on weather and climate issues.